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Millenium Bioenergy is an integrative company focused on the sugar and ethanol industry, bringing together, and aggregating several leading companies and professionals with recognized expertise in the ethanol and commodities sectors, capitalizing on synergies around its developments for the structuring of projects and businesses in the segment of biofuels, sugars and DDGS.

The company was created to meet the growing needs of the biofuels market in the world, promoting, developing, and managing Full Flex Plant projects for the simultaneous and uninterrupted production of ethanol from corn and sugarcane, therefore eliminating the lack of productivity during the off season.


Seeking full efficiency of its projects, Millenium Bioenergy is based on fundamental pillars that form an innovative business model, starting its activities in a multiregional way, through the strategic location of its projects, using consecrated and diversified technologies for the integration of the chain of value - from natural resources to waste for power generation - culminating in a more secure and efficient way to market and distribute the products.

Today the company is leading greenfield projects in the state of Mato Grosso, 100km from Sinop, has an open subsidiary in Wellington, Florida - USA (joint venture with Sugarism Trade & Consulting Inc.) and, by the invitation of the Australian government, in an advanced stage of studies in Queensland, in the northeastern region of the country. Likewise, has been looking for opportunities to develop brownfield projects, where the sugarcane unit already exists.




The optimization, in this business model, allows the two industrial units (sugarcane and corn) to use a single structure that include all the corporate, maintenance, distillery, cogeneration, storage, tanking, waste use, labor and logistics departments of the company.


Concentrating the operations of corn, cane and cogeneration in a single complex, translates our determination to innovate the entire production chain to an integrated format that provides maximum flexibility and efficiency, but above all, without the waste of resources, providing relevant environmental gains and financial results ever obtained in the sugar-alcohol sector.


Pioneerism and innovation put Millenium Bioenergy projects at the forefront of the development of the sugar energy sector and at an exceptional commercial advantage in Brazil and abroad.

The pursuit of efficiency in this business model become evident by the unification of a highly efficient production system, "FULL FLEX", to the ZERO WASTE concept.


CONTINUITY is the main mark for the "FULL FLEX", since it is possible to install two industrial units in the same site, processing corn and sugar cane independently and simultaneously, working continuously throughout the year, without the need to paralyze the processing of corn when the sugarcane season come.


Due to the uninterrupted sequence of industrial activities, the "FULL FLEX" model allows a significant increase in ethanol production. This is a paradigm breakdown in the sector, as it substantially reduces the CAPEX and OPEX in the operational chain.


                                         700.000 sugarcane ton/season

It is the basis for the development of Full Flex projects, enough for a production of 50,000,000 liters (13,200,000 gallons) of fuel ethanol per year.

In Brazil it is used pure, in the Hydrated version, as main fuel in motor vehicles Cycle Otto and in the Anhydrous version is added to the gasoline in a 27% proportion. Brazil has the largest fleet of Flex vehicles in the world and its technology is the State of the Art in the use of renewable fuels.
In the USA, Sugarism Full Flex Florida will have its sugarcane field 100% organic and will produce Organic Neutral Alcohol and Organic Yeast (both for the American, European, and Asian markets), while the corn production will be conventional and producing Neutral Alcohol.

                                            700.000 ton/sugarcane season

With this amount of sugarcane processed, in addition to the ethanol, the Full Flex model allows the implementation of a sugar production unit with annual capacity to produce 110,000 tons of VHP sugar.
In the USA, as Sugarism Full Flex Florida sugarcane fields will be 100% organic it will be producing higher added value products, as Organics' Cane Juice,  Wholesugar, and Syrup for the beverage and food markets in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

300.000 ton of corn/year

This is the basis for the implementation of the corn processing unit in our Full Flex projects, sufficient for a production of 100,000,000 liters (26,400,000 gallons) of fuel Anhydrous Ethanol per year, as well as vinasse for energy generation (bio digestion) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for food grade carbonation.

66.000 ton of DDGS/year

It is the amount of DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) resulting from corn processing. This residue, of great commercial value, is used as animal feed, mainly in the diet of confined cattle, being able to feed more than 100,000 cattle’ heads in 180 days cycles.
DDGS is an alternative to soybean meal because of its high energy and phosphorus content. There are two types of DDGS obtained during the production of ethanol: Conventional, with high fiber and Premium, with high concentration of Protein.



The innovation contained in the BioEnergy Total Flex technical concept, combined with the FULL FLEX commercial model, has won the support of several internationally renowned companies dedicated to the promotion of the biofuels market,

mainly from the corn ethanol segment, which has a huge potential in Brazil and other countries.

Today we have the technical support and participation of the following companies:

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Millenium BioEnergia S.A.

Av. Pres. Kennedy, 1.386 - 2º andar, cj. 25

CEP 13.334-170 - Indaiatuba - SP - Brasil

+55 19 3801 2299  Mob +55 19 99675 8527

Sugarism Trade and Consulting Inc.

1840, Capeside Circle - Wellington

 33.414 - Palm Beach County - Florida - USA

+1 561 385 4081  USA Direct +55 11 3197 4712

Millenium Bioenery Pty Ltd

Level 36, 71 Eagle St  - Riparian Plaza

Brisbane - Queensland - 4000 - AU

 +61 7 3087 3469

Millenium BioEnergia S.A.

R. Sen. Dantas, 71 - Cj. 1902 - Centro

CEP 20.031-202 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil


Eduardo Lima
Project’s Development and Management, specialized in biofuel origination and cogeneration projects.
Campinas, SP – Brazil
Daniel Chioatto
Projects Structuration and Development, Engineer, entrepreneur and, specialized in energy thermic systems.
Sertãozinho, SP – Brazil
Pedro Collegari
Agroindustry Superintendent
São Paulo – Brazil
Daniel Consonni
Partner and Head of the USA operation. Engineer, Marketer, Project Developer, Entrepreneur in series, specialized in Organic Agriculture and soil microbiology, third generation of organic and conventional cane grower in Brazil.
Wellington, Florida - USA
Silvia Vergara
Risk Management Coordinator
São Paulo, SP - Brazil
Leonardo Ciuffo
Corporative Financial Management, Economist, specialized in corporative finances and renewable energy.
Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil
Paulo Amodio
Structuration and Management of Cogeneration
Engineer, specialized in cogeneration and biochemical.
São Paulo, SP - Brazil
Guilherme Chioatto
Engineer and Industrial Efficiency Management
Industrial Manager at Pitangueiras Mill.
Sertãozinho, SP - Brazil
Gabi Pioli
Commercial Coordinator
Márcia Bëllo
Communication and Marketing Coordinator
Carlos Carvalho
Silvia Luiza Saggiomo
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